We love taking time to reflect on the year spent, and what a year it has been for Eli & Nev ! We close this 2023 chapter, and open a new, exciting page on 2024...

Let us remember all that we have achieved in the year passed: 

- We created two beautiful collections that were sold around the world and that our customers loved, and worked on 2 more which will be released in the coming month (it takes nearly a year from "moodboarding" to the shipping of the collection!);

- We opened a new company and a new office in France, with all the challenges involved (hello French bureaucracy);

- We were selected to participate in a documentary which will be broadcasted on TF1, the most popular French TV channel, to tell the story of cotton and clothing production in Turkey, and to present our brand. The filming took almost a week and took us to so many different places in Turkey, it was an amazing experience;

- We grew our team and were joined by Sevval, our designer superstar who creates beautiful patterns and sketches, and by Kayra whose energy never ends when it comes to marketing !

- We extended our network of retailers to new countries and new cities;

- We showed our next summer collection at the Playtime show in Paris, where we met great store owners and exchanged with other brands (it also never hurts to spend a few days in the city of love!); 

- We proudly stood our ground as a small, women-run business, in an economy which keeps throwing challenges at us. We embraced these challenges and will keep on sending love in every package we send around the world ! 


Thank you 2023 ! 




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