Eli and Nev's founder with her son

Our story started one summer, at a table under an olive tree. After nearly three years of caring for a newborn, then baby, and then toddler, while embracing the daily love and struggles that go with it, I decided to tackle what I struggled to find: everyday clothing that was comfortable but also stylish, for kids who can’t stay in one place and parents who are on the move. That day I started drawing the models I wanted to see in my child’s closet but couldn’t find, and there our brand was born.

 For a few years, I taught myself to sew and became addicted to the endless possibilities and freedom of being able to create whatever piece imaginable. I started designing and sewing clothes for my son and myself, and quickly got requests from friends for the same outfits. What started in the corner of a room under a roof became Eli & Nev, a brand we’re proud to share with our customers around the world today. 

As parents who originated from France and Turkey, who lived in New York, Rotterdam, Istanbul and Luxembourg, and who are lucky to have travelled to all continents (and still do, with a +1 now!), we know the importance of having practical and comfortable clothes, and the desire to not compromise on style. We want our kids to explore, discover, get dirty, be amazed by the world around them, and we want to create garments that allows them to do that in total freedom.  

Our universe is very much inspired by the nature which we love, by the family walks we take in the forest, by the places we’ve visited and the cultures we’ve discovered. 

We think our clothes from the child’s point of view but also from the parent’s perspective: Children should be able to play, run, and jump freely in soft garments with comfortable cuts. For some models, we also choose fabrics with a bit of elastane to give clothes some necessary elasticity. And when it’s time to get changed, we try to make it easy for the parents to dress and undress their little ones thanks to carefully placed snap buttons or zippers. All this in style!


Anabelle, Founder of Eli & Nev