For us, being responsible to the environment, to the people who produce our products and to the people who wear it comes in many ways. Getting information on how clothes are made can sometimes feel like peeking through a keyhole. At Eli & Nev, we open the door wide for you, and we take you on a journey to discover how we work.

Our Designs

Eli and Nev collections featured photos


We design timeless and mostly unisex clothing that can be loved now and over the years by following generations of children because of their classic look.


We select fabrics based on their soft feel and quality, and we test them for longevity. We only partner with reputed factories in the industry to guarantee the quality of our products.

Our Production

Eli and Nev creative process


Transparency and ethics are key for us. This starts with working with trusted and reputed partners. Our producer has over 30 years experience in the textile industry. We don't use intermediaries. Our team is located in Paris and Istanbul, and our producer is located about 2 hours away from Istanbul. This allows us to have knowledge and control of the production and working conditions.


Because of our proximity with our producer, we are able to take very frequent trips to visit the factory where the magic happens ! We're proud to see our collections come to life in a family-like environment where men and women receive an equal salary, and where child work is prohibited.


Eli and Nev models
Cotton flowers with sandy textured background


We work hand in hand with our partners to chose the best available fabrics. Our aim is to have our entire collections made with certified, organic or recycled farbics fibers.

At the moment, more than 60% of our collections are made with fabrics composed of 100% natural fibers, which are biodegradable (cotton, linen).

OEKO TEX certificate
Eli and Nev sustainable textiles


We only work with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified fabrics. The OEKO-TEX certification guarantees that no harmful chemicals have been used in the production of the fabric. You can find out more about this certification here.

Eli and Nev buttons


Most of the trims and accessories we use are made from natural materials, such as shells and coconut for our buttons, to help mitigate plastic pollution. They often come in different shapes and shades, but we celebrate these imperfections created by nature.