Nurturing, embracing coziness, a warm community, and the cozy feeling of the sun on one's face.... are some of the first things we think of when we look at this year's Pantone color, Peach Fuzz. 
The gentle lightness and the warm comforting feeling the color provides is a perfect match for Eli & Nev's color palette. With warm beiges, softened pastel hues, and romantic color harmonies we already supported in our collections; Pantone's yearly selection was a welcome surprise.


With the spring arriving shortly, we have also reflected the reawakening spring on our new designs, sampling the pastel blues of the sea, the ashy greens of the awakened greenery, and of course dusty peachy hues with burnt yellows.

Pantone uses the human experience and what the years have brought up that can be associated with the yearly selection of colors. Peach Fuzz in this manner, has been the warmest light at the end of a harsh winter, the sun at the end of the storm... The past years have brought conflict, disasters and maybe a bit of a step back into the human connectivity we so desperately seek out. But Peach fuzz is a promise. A promise of a comforting mother's embrace, the first steps of our little ones, their light and bubbly laughter...
So, it's no wonder the warm peachy shade has been a well-loved tone for some time and is now the selected color for the great year ahead of us.
As Team Eli & Nev, we're happy to see such a familiar color to be under the spotlight. It feels like such a wonderful, ( perhaps fated ) coincidence to see Peach Fuzz give the same gentle touch it gave our designs.
anabelle bresler